Melvin Dismissal the Right Thing?

May 7, 2009 by  

feat_dbacks_00112003, the Florida Marlins fire manager Jeff Torborg and turn over the team to 72-year-old Jack McKeon. What a great result as the team goes on to win the World Series. What a great model for the Diamondbacks as today they fired their manager Bob Melvin. There is one major problem with this story, the Marlins are the exception to the rule.

If I sat here long enough I could probably think of a few other success stories of baseball teams changing their managers during the season, but I can guarantee you I can think of ten other managerial changes for every one that worked. Bob Melvin was the manager of the year just two years ago. Do you think in two years he forgot how to manage a team? The problem is not Melvin, it is much deeper.

Not that long ago I wrote a piece about the Diamondbacks should be concerned because the hitting on this team was not getting better. Since then, with a few exceptions that still remains the case. Bob Melvin is not in charge of the hitting, there are two things that could improve that. First they could get a new hitting coach, that would be the easiest solution. The second solution is a better judge of talent. Maybe the players just are not as good as they were billed to be.

Some argue Melvin did not have enough fire, the team needs someone who is a screamer. Joe Torre and Terry Francona have shown you can have some pretty good success without being a Lou Pinella.

Pinella and Torre are actually two good cases to make my point. Lou Pinella was a great manager in Seattle, he was going to be the one to finally turn things around in Tampa Bay, but he failed miserably. Then he goes to Chicago and all of a sudden he is a great manager again. Torre took over in LA last year and after four months looked like he may not be the genius some thought he was. Then all of a sudden turned it around and the Dodgers went to the playoffs. What do both situations have in common? Players!

Pinella has far superior talent in Chicago than what the Devil Rays had while he was there. Torre, he manged to become a genius again after the team picked up a little player named Manny Ramirez who managed to put the team on his back and carry them for the last two months.

The solution here is not the manager. Bob Melvin is one of the finer managers in the major leagues. The problem here is the talent, or the lack of growth the batting coach has been able to provide.

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One Response to “Melvin Dismissal the Right Thing?”

  1. Sports Arizona on May 7th, 2009 9:48 pm

    Another major difference is McKeon had a lot of experience as a manager when he took over Florida, where as you know Hinch has none.

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