Derrick and His D-backs Monthly Chat

May 15, 2009 by  

feat_feat_0007Don’t get us wrong, we are not pleased with how the team is doing either but we were not surprised to hear the answers to some tough questions given to Derrick in his Monthly chat. Yes, the team is not playing well and he is fully aware. Derrick performs in the highest management capacity of the team and is ultimately accountable for everything that goes on from finances and staffing to the team’s performance. However, as in any strong organization there is definitely a separation of authority. This is good because there seems to be accountability at the appropriate levels. Derrick gets that some of the fans are disappointed but, he is also an invaluable asset to the organization. As any strong leader does, he did not show doubt in his team, only awareness of what is going on. A great leader praises in public and punishes in private, which would be indicative of how the how the management changes took place over the last week.

With that said, as silent observers on the weekly chat, we did take it seriously but some of these wondering thoughts crossed our heads. Here are some of the questions that we had for Derrick that may, or may not have, made it passed moderation:

Is it true that Yum Brands, Inc, DBA Taco Bell, is compensating the Diamondbacks for not scoring 6 or more runs to limit their free taco distribution?

We thought this would put a smile on his face. This is completely ridiculous but we found it amusing. The stars pretty much have to be aligned for the free tacos anyhow. Nothing like the free Circle K Thirstbusters. Taco Bell has been giving away tacos for as long as we can remember so there is absolutely no truth to this.

Can anyone upgrade/ downgrade their tickets for tickets in the all-you-can-eat section?

Okay, so this is a more legitimate question. The D-backs have created the new section in the club level seats and they are always packed. It does not matter. There could be 15,000 fans there and that section is filled to capacity. We have been to Dodger Stadium and seen theirs and all we can say is that the D-backs definitely take care of their fans.

Is there any type of formal customer service training that the staff goes through?

We think that the answer is yes to this one. “Welcome back!”, “Good to see you again.” ,“Welcome to Chase Field.”, are only some of the things we repeatedly hear at the stadium. At times we forget that the team is struggling when we are made to feel so at home.

Is there any update on the Spring Training location for the Arizona Diamondbacks?

This would have been another good question to ask but did not cross our minds until after the fact. We have heard that the team is looking at a parcel of land in North Phoenix as a possibility. As North Phoenix residents, we have seen a couple of fairly large parcels just south of the Desert Ridge Marketplace and the Loop 101 and another north of the 101 off of Cave Creek. We would just like to know where to move closer to.

Until next time, continue to show your support by cheering on the D-backs as the team continues to give back to their fans and Arizona communities.

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2 Responses to “Derrick and His D-backs Monthly Chat”

  1. Elissa Henrici on July 1st, 2009 7:56 pm

    This is for Derrick Hall. I have been a loyal Diamondbacks fan for the past ten years. I go to ball games and have traveled to other cities to see the team play. I have seen both good and bad teams and went to the playoffs and 6th game of the World Series.
    I am frustrated with how this team if being managed. I understand that the management of this team plans to retool and get rid of a number of players especially pitchers. I think you need to add the General Manager, Josh Byrnes to that list and send A. J. Hinch back to where he did the most for the organization.
    This team needs an experienced Manager who can not be tinkered with like Josh Byrnes has done with both Bob Melvin. I can only imagine how much tinkering he is doing with A.J. Hinch as Manager. A.J. Hinch does not have the experience to Manage a team especially with young players who need firm guidance in playing the game.
    The Glitzy new scoreboard and cheap food will not bring the fans back. The only thing that will is a winning team.
    It would also be nice for fans get back the history of this team with pictures and names of the 2001 World Series Champs. New people to the Valley need to have this. The money spent to erase the memory of the 2001 World Series Champs was crazy.
    The refusal to resign Randy Johnson , this year ,was an irresponsible decision and a loss to the fans.
    Do the right thing for the fans and get a good knowledgeable Manager and General Manager. If you can’t get rid of Josh Byrnes put him in an office without a phone or computer and don’t allow him continue to tinker with the team.

  2. David Gaynes on August 15th, 2009 7:06 am

    I was a devoted D`back fan from Tucson.Our family moved to Tucson in 1976.It
    took MLB 22 years to make the same move.What could be better than Phoenix getting a franchise that commits spring training to Tucson?
    At the time of The D`back`s inception,The Rockies trained in Tucson and we had
    a AAA team.So the Diamondbacks commitment to Tucson embraced the community in a way that The Cardinals never did.The economic impact was another huge thing.Tucson has always been a great baseball town,and now we truly felt like we were a critical element of a truly Arizona franchise.
    Now you have to understand that to be an avid fan from Tucson means a much larger commitment,due to the 4 hour travel time.So to turn your backs on your most devout fans will only hurt your revenue stream.
    The really poor product your putting on the field did not keep me or my family from attending,but the decision to leave Tucson will.I don`t think I will ever attend another game.So now since the D`backs have come to Phoenix,Tucson has lost spring training and AAA baseball! Thank you Phoenix D`backs!

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