AZ Hardball is a site dedicated to baseball enthusiasts in the state of Arizona. Our state is rich with baseball history and tradition and we are luck to have baseball all year round.

The website began as a Diamondbacks blog for the 2008 season and was transformed into an all-inclusive location for everything Arizona has to offer when it comes to the Major Leagues. Our intent to to serve our local baseball fans and to provide them with exciting baseball information, both old and new.

The creator of AZ Hardball, Paul Martinez, has some deep baseball roots. His passion for the sport started in Southern California while watching the Los Angeles Dodgers frequently as a child. In the days of Orel Hershiser and Fernando Valenzuela, Paul spent countless hours watching baseball and even spent time studying, San Francisco Giants’, Will Clark’s swing. Paul learned the physics of baseball before even taking a physics class in high school.

His move to Arizona and his transferring between three schools in four years, made it difficult to play in the competitive Arizona high school divisions but, he continued the passion for the game. Riding his bike, five miles, to Scottsdale Stadium he would catch the Giants at spring training which increased his affinity toward that ball club.

It was not until Arizona received a franchise of thier own that Paul became a fan of the Arizona Diamondbacks. While his passion for the Internet and technology increased, he met Matt Blake the co-founder of AZ Sports Hub, a site dedicated to all Arizona sports. It was through his interactions with Matt and the sharing of the Diamondbaks Baseball Blog that an idea was born. This idea became known as AZ Hardball and fans like you are what help make our website the location for everything Arizona baseball.

Thank you and enjoy your stay.

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