Fun Baseball Facts

Here you can find some fun facts about baseball in general, and see some interesting facts about some Arizona baseball.

Did you know?…

  • As of September 2008 there are no bathrooms in the Phoenix Municipal Stadium dugout?
  • That the MLB jumbotrons need to remain static when a batter is in the batter’s box and must display the current batter’s information?
  • That Chase Field has two areas just for kids? The Sandlot and Baxter’s Playhouse. The playhouse even has an arcade.
  • That umpire Dale Scott occasionally riddles the field with peanut shells. Its true! Keep an eye on him.
  • That you could once watch a game at Scottsdale Stadium from the parking garage? …Until they figured it out and planted some rather large trees to obstruct the view.
  • That pitcher “Iron Mike” Marshall (’67-’81 seasons) had 106 appearances in one year where he also pitched 13 straight games. He won the Cy Young and MVP in the same year as a Los Angeles Dodger (1974). He has his Ph.D. in Human Kinetics and believes that his methods could completely eradicate pitching injuries.
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